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May 21, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

Thought I’d start sharing some of the really nice comments I get from people every week, either through email, or reviews on the site, or in person. I just love that people take the time to tell me how much they like the things I’ve made. It really makes my soap business that much more fun!

Michael, who along with his wife, Kim, I met at the Boonsboro Greenfest last weekend, writes:

“Okay, total WOW. I’ve been slowly but surely trying different soaps for years. I should’ve known when you mentioned you also have oily skin… If I remember correctly, you called the soap I got olive-oil based plain soap – and I guess you designed it for yourself. Well, it works for me, too, better than any other soap I’ve ever used, hands down and by a pretty wicked margin. Skin that used to obnoxiously quickly ‘re-oil’ itself after suffering any other soaps now remains soft and smooth and about as ‘normal’ as it’s ever been. I’m *blown* away!”

Robin, in Iowa, writes:

“I ordered for the first time last year after having the opportunity to meet the owner on the phone. My lucky day! We spoke about the issue with the service my job deals with and through conversation learned a bit about natural soap vs. consumer produced soap products. I was using what I was led to believe was the best soap commercially available, wrong answer.
I ordered from The Natural Bar Soap Company and have ordered 3, maybe 4 times since that first order. I love your soaps. I love your lotions, and the lip balm too. The product sells itself, your customer service after the sale or if you’re out of a product and learn that it’s being awaited upon is simply fantastic. I recommend your soap to anyone that conversation turns to ordering products online to just plain telling people how great the soap I use is. Simply the best! Keep it up Erin.”

Erin’s note: I find a lot of customers this way… I called UPS to set up an account, got a customer. Called GoDaddy about my domain name, got a customer. Called ControlScan about PCI Compliance (credit card stuff), got a customer. Called SimpleHelix (hosting company), got a customer. What’s wonderful is that they tried the soap, and have come back for more. Besides being great customers, the people who support my website’s functionality are honestly some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 🙂 I’m happy to recommend their companies to anyone needing these services!

Have something nice to say? Please share in the comments below!


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