The Folly of a Science Geek

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May 21, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

I am so thankful to have my blog again!

I tend to accumulate vast stores of seemingly useless, science-related information, and without blogging, it all kind of sits in my brain, clogging up space and collecting cobwebs.

The reason for my interest in this sort of stuff is difficult to pinpoint. My parents subscribed to Scientific American and National Geographic when I was a kid. High tech research, hotly debated scientific issues, new discoveries; they catch my attention like shiny objects attract crows.

What’s sparkly to me, though, is usually pretty boring to most people. For example, I’m currently reading Spencer Well’s Pandora’s Seed, an intellectual read that points out how far we haven’t come since our days as Hunter Gatherers and how we’re actually worse off since going agrarian. I was the science geek in school. I was the student who liked homework and was inspired by teachers. I’ve always loved learning and discovering, while other people are happier when the bell rings and they can go “do something fun.” For me, fun was exploring the doppler effect by watching cars drive past the school, and dropping raw eggs from the top of the building, encased in cushioned packaging. When I got home from school, I did extra credit assignments, including balancing an egg on end during the autumnal equinox. I delighted in conducting chemistry experiments with my mom’s baking ingredients.

Maybe this is why I like soapmaking and especially, making ALL natural soap. I still get to be the chemistry geek and play mad scientist. You, who probably don’t care much about all that science stuff, get to use them! I can happily experiment with new ingredients and pour through websites learning about saponification, fatty acids and lye discounting, while you can be getting dirty, and in need of more soap! Our worlds collide when you want to be clean and I have what you need to get that way.

It’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned. And, I’m really happy that I get to share not only my natural soaps, but also tidbits of sparkly information with you, whether in person, or through my blog.


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