Until We Meet Again

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June 24, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

I have a hunch we’ve met before. Perhaps we’ve shared some soap sniffs, and now you’ve come on line to further check things out. Then again, you might have found me on facebook, or by just Googling around (our site has made it to the first page of Google for “Natural Soap,” afterall!). But in any case, however you have found me, I’m happy you’re here. Welcome!

I am addicted to making soap, and my ability to maintain this addiction is due, in part, to all of you. If I wasn’t able to sell some of my creations, I would surely run out of space, and drown in a sea of soap (which wouldn’t be such a bad way to go, now that I think of it!).

I often get asked “Where can I find you again?” Aside from the few recurring weekly or monthly shows I do, most other venues are a once-a-year type affair. And, I understand that to order soap on our website, means you have to pay shipping (not fun), and wait (not fun), and worst of all, not get to smell the soaps first (very not fun)!!

To keep you all informed- I’m adding a new section to my blog, and will try hard to keep it updated with the next show I will be participating in. Look for the tab: “Upcoming Shows” on the top of my blog’s homepage.

Natural Soap at Fenton Street

Our Soap Shop at the Fenton Street Market, June 23rd

You can also “Like” my company page on facebook– that’s the best way to keep up to date on my soapy news. I’m on there daily, multiple times, and love sharing pictures of my latest creations as well as show dates. Best of all, Facebook allows you to interact directly with me, ask questions, make comments or suggestions, and come along on my great soaping adventures.

Hope to see you there, or at my next show!



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