Two For One Soap! Sort of…

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July 18, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

I’ll admit that I love selling my natural soaps in person because it gives me a chance to connect with the people who buy my soap, and hear their lovely comments. That’s the best motivation ever! Hearing how much they like my soap energizes and inspires me to get even more creative, and make even better soap.

These face to face occasions however, also present the perfect opportunity for some to offer criticism. Thankfully, my customers have been the sort that offer constructive criticism, rather than judgmental, harsh criticism.

Their complaint?

“Your soaps are wonderful, but they’re so big.”

Of all the possible things people could criticize, this really isn’t so bad.

My reason for making such big soap bars, is simply that my molds were made to make big bars.

Years ago, when my husband and I made our first molds, we decided that since we liked bigger bars of soap, that’s what we would make. As we’ve added more molds, we’ve made them the same size as those first ones.

To change the size of the bars at this point would mean making new molds. It would also mean recalculating each recipe to scale down the batches. And, it would also mean getting new pictures for my website, and updating all the online soap descriptions to reflect the new size.

Related to this issue, the pricing would need to be adjusted. When I first decided on my prices, I looked not only at my costs and time, but also at what my competitors were charging. I settled on $5 a bar, which was lower than most. What I had completely forgotten to check, was what size soap bars my competitors were selling. Looking into things, I discovered that many were selling significantly smaller bars (3 and 4 oz, vs. my 5.5 oz bars) most often at higher prices.

So my answer to those who say my bars are “so big,” has become “just cut your bars in half.” It can be done easily with a knife in the kitchen, and it’s like getting two bars for the price of one! You can use one half of your lovely, luxurious, all natural soap in the powder room, while enjoying the other in the shower, or just save the other half for later. You’ll find that they nicely scent whatever space they’re stored in!

Having gotten totally ripped off by paying $7 for an online competitor’s 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 X 1 bar of handmade soap, I know you’re getting a wonderful value for your money- and also an amazing bar of natural soap when you purchase from my shop.


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