Blog Neglect!


September 11, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

I feel badly. I haven’t been giving my blog much attention lately.

The main reason for this neglect is the fact that my new website doesn’t support a blog on the same domain. In the simplest terms, this means that my blog isn’t “attached” to my website at, but rather, it’s hosted at another site,

To the average person, the two addresses look similar enough. But, in the world of SEO (search engine optimization) they are entirely different. One is a domain owned by me and hosted by a company called Magento, while the other is owned and hosted by WordPress.

The site hosted by Magento,, ranks on the first page of Google for “natural soap.” This took literally thousands of hours of work to accomplish. I’m pretty stoked about it. Anyone searching for “natural soap” sees my site on the very first page of Google. With that kind of exposure, it’s the web equivalent of having a commercial during the Super Bowl, every day! Since my blog isn’t attached to my domain, it doesn’t benefit from that exposure.

What does this have to do with neglecting my blog? Basically, no one sees my blog, so therefore, no one comments on my blog posts. And, since I thrive on interaction, it’s really not fun writing for an audience that isn’t there.

Many people who use the host I do, have written asking them to allow blogs on our domains, but so far, they haven’t taken action. I could switch hosts, but that would mean creating a WHOLE NEW website. That isn’t going to happen!! I love my site. I love the friendships that were formed creating it, I love the experiences I enjoyed while making it, and I just love the funky “funness” of it.

So, if you happen to see this post, will you post a comment? Interesting blog posts ultimately attract visitors and help increase page rank and exposure, but it’s a LONG, hard climb to get my blog back to where it was. If I know people are seeing my posts, I’ll be happy to start writing interesting, handmade-soap-world things again!


2 thoughts on “Blog Neglect!

  1. says:

    Hello Erin,
      Thnak you for the blog which I enjoy and sorry you are having the same issues as me as far as if i want to order you soap I have to sign using another computer. I really enjoyed seeing how you make your soaps and how much love and work you put into your soaps. You have a real job and talent which I appreciate being able to use your soaps. I just wish I had an easier time ordering.
    If possible I would love for you to change my password to something like ****** so when I go order soaps I do not have to type in my address each time unless I want you to ship an order out of state. I have spread the word and still continue to do so and I tell them to please also like you on Facebook.

    I want to order and try your punk soap LOL so please let me know what my password will be so I can place my order and also I had asked a question regarding sugar cookie soap or a chocolate cherry?? These soaps may be good for Christmas Debbie Dip LOL please tell my your ideas
    thanks peace and blessings

    • Thanks Deborah!
      Have you tried updating your browser to the latest edition of Internet Explorer (version 9 is the most recent), or tried downloading and using Mozilla Firefox? I wish I knew what the issue was. Since you can get on to my website from other computers, but not your own, it’s got to be something with that computer. I can’t duplicate the problem from my own computers, and I’m getting orders from around the country daily, so I can only guess at solutions for you. Sorry I’m not more help on that.
      As far as ordering- Punk! is available on the site, I’ve changed your password (but won’t type it here- no privacy!!)- I’ll email it to you. 🙂 Thanks again!!!

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