Top Ten Soap Scents 2012

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October 2, 2012 by thesoapalchemist

Our Best Selling All Natural, Handmade Soaps through September 2012

handmade soap

When you order from our website, your soap arrives packaged in classy “text” tissue with an attractive label.

1. Alchemist’s Invention (Unscented Olive Oil Soap)

2. Lemon Electra (Sweet-tart lemon scent with scrubby blueberry seeds)Mooky Cake (oatmeal and olive soap with a yummy, bright almond scent)

3. Airship Elixir (an unisex scent with warm vanilla, berries and a cocoa swirl)

4. Mooky Cake (oatmeal and olive soap with a yummy, bright almond scent)

5. Lime Coriander (white clay gives great slip to razors in this limey scented olive oil soap)

6. Triple Buttercream (three butters- mango/cocoa/shea- give great moisturizing power to this olive-free bar)

7. Vanilla Bean (soft scent of warm vanilla in a naturally colored olive oil soap)

8. Devotion (A lavender hybrid called lavendin is a nice change from the typical “old lady” scent of synthetic lavender)

9. Cataclysmic Cleanse (tea tree, spearmint and eucalyptus with a bit of green clay- great for oily skin!)

10. Supernaculum (a seasonal favorite, made with Dogfish Head Brewery’s Punk! Ale, scented with cinnamon, clove and orange)

Which of our handmade soaps will you try first? Are there scents you’d like us to put in our next batches? Please share your suggestions with a comment!


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