Why Do I Make Handmade Soap?

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February 8, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

I make soap. It’s bubbly and it cleans. Wanna buy some?

In marketing, there’s a theory called The Golden Circle, and it is used to represent the relationship of a company’s “what,” “how,” and “why.” Most businesses approach marketing by trying to sell you their “what” or their “how.”  Like any of the handmade soap sites out there, my “what” is natural soap. And my “how?” Well, there are only so many ways to combine lye and oil to make soap.

The way that companies should be marketing and differentiating their product from others is by finding their “why.”

I have access to the same suppliers, online soap calculators and equipment as any other person who wants to make soap. There’s just gotta be something more to my awesome soap than having access to all the “stuff” used to make it, and developing an awesome recipe. If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t have as much repeat business as I enjoy, or have as many excited customers serving on my honorary marketing (word-of-mouth) team.

Contrary to what many think, people don’t buy “what” you do. They buy WHY you do it.

You might think that the “why” of my soap making is to make profit. But that’s merely a result of my soap making. We need to dig deeper to find the reasons why my natural soap business even exists. Why do I make soap?

If I merely wanted to make soap to satisfy peoples’ need to clean themselves, that would be foolish. Soap that cleans can be purchased anywhere, and at significantly lower prices than bars of handmade soap. So why do I make soap?

I make natural soap because it is my passion.

In everything soapy I do, I believe in thinking differently than most soap makers. I make soap by keeping my ingredients simple, devotedly choosing only natural ingredients, making my bars bigger and longer lasting, and more beautiful.

Many of my soap selling competitors are equally skilled. They all make soap. But what many lack, is MY PASSION for my soaps, and my passion for seeking out and discovering natural ingredients that give me the qualities I’m searching for. I won’t use a synthetic ingredient just so I can have a certain shade of the rainbow in my soap. I will keep searching until I find a natural one. I know the ingredients are out there. Finding them is an adventure!

My hope is that I’ll effectively market my passion, my adventurous spirit, and my dedication to my mission, and not merely my soap. Selling to people who appreciate my effort, and believe that what I’m doing makes a difference is exciting.

You need to know WHY you do what you do, to know what you believe and find others who believe that, too. THOSE are the people who will want your “what.” The people who believe in you and share your beliefs will work with you to realize your dream. Starting with your “why” builds your business by inspiring those around you.

And really, the people who are inspired by my soap making passion, inspire me to keep making soaps that they will love and come back for.


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