New Handmade Natural Soap for the 2013 HCC Flower and Garden Show!

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February 20, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

I’m so excited to be introducing two new natural soaps at the 2013 Hagerstown Community College Flower and Garden Show at the ARCC.

“Garden Club” all natural soap, with its soft, meadow-like combination of lavender, citrus and petitgrain, and its scrubby cornmeal texture, will remove dried-on dirt and garden crud when your work is done.

“Mr. McGregor’s Garden” all natural soap scrubs dirty hands clean with blueberry seeds and spinach powder, swirled in an herbal base of bay, citrus and mint. Beautifully designed in natural green and white, this natural soap is as attractive to look at as it is nice to use.

After a day of digging and planting, these handmade natural soaps will leave hands clean, softly moisturized and fresh. No afterfeel- no dry, tight feeling. While other soap makers are turning to rice bran oil due to cost considerations, we are addicted to the feel of lovely olive oil in our recipes. As one customer tells me, our all natural, olive oil soaps are “the bomb-diggity!” We agree!

Look for our handmade natural soaps in the GUTEN TAG of Funkstown Booth in the center of the arena, along with beautiful garden inspired home decor, gorgeously arranged REAL plants/flowers in shabby chic and vintage-look containers, and more.

We can’t wait to see you at HCC’s Flower and Garden Show, March 16-17, 2013.


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