Playing the Google Game: Natural Soap “Visit Campaign”


April 4, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

I have an odd request for each of my soap fans. But first, a long winded explanation! 🙂

For years, I have enjoyed being on “Page One” of the search results for “natural soap.” Basically, this just means that anyone around the world who types “Natural Soap” into a Google search will see my website right there on the first page of results.

This has led to really awesome traffic on my site and lots of repeat customers around the country.
♥ Thank you for all of that repeat business! ♥

Google occasionally makes changes to their ranking system (“algorithm”). In 2011 they launched “Google Panda” and shortly after that came “Google Penguin.” These changes generally have no effect on legitimate websites like mine, but websites filled with spammy links and ads or random nonsensical content get drastically penalized and buried deeply in the search results for being non-user friendly.

This year, Google has decided to start going after Merchant Sites; particularly “poor quality” merchant sites. The issue is in how define “poor quality.” Among other things, they’re planning on analyzing traffic; how many people visit a particular site and the patterns of those visits (how many pages are clicked, how long the user stays on each page).

A small business like mine is obviously not going to have the traffic that or Bath & Body gets, and will potentially get downgraded by Google as a “poor merchant.”  It’s unfortunate that Google is unaware of the thousands of customers who see and buy my soap in person at craft shows. There is no reward for actual foot traffic- only for website traffic.

Many small business website owners have written to Google via their forums to let them know how unfairly we think their plan will treat us. But Google thinks that when people search for “natural soap,” they want to see the MAJOR PLAYERS in the market; Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and other HUGE, well known sites. After those results, there are only so many spots left on Page One. Let’s face it– who looks on page two or three?

I could click on my site all day, but Google recognizes IP addresses (a code unique to your computer), and wouldn’t give visits from my IP any sort of value. It’s quite aware that I’m on the site every day tweaking things and adding content. Google knows I own my site. 🙂

But, if I could find a way to generate traffic to my site through my computer connections with customers (facebook, email, twitter), that extra traffic would help to show Google that my business is actually quite patronized and valued in its soapy little community, and perhaps worthy of remaining on page one.

Therefore, I’m starting a “Visit Campaign.”

Please visit my site. Http:// Share my site with friends. If you have your own blog or website, and you add a link to mine or want to mention my site, I may even return the favor and mention yours (appropriate sites, only, of course)! Small businesses can help generate traffic for each other through mutual link sharing. Together, maybe we can buffer ourselves against Google’s latest search engine “improvement.”

Thank you for your support!


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