Can Happiness Be Found in a Bar of Natural Soap?

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

This article is from our archives, but I thought I’d re-release it here on our new blog, because I love it!


Today I’m gonna be happier than a swirly soap!

I think I’ve had one of the best days ever in my soap making career. Did I make any soap? Nope. Did I discover a great new ingredient? Nope. Did I get a boatload of sales? Nope. So why am I having such a great day?

I’ve recently had issues with suppliers, and have written about how hard it can be to move on, and do things differently than how I’ve always done them. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this week, to say the least. But today, I think I experienced an epiphany of sorts.

None of it should be getting me down.

It’s all just a bump in the road- a learning experience, an opportunity to be even better than I was. Just plow through those rough waters, and you’re sure to find smooth sailing ahead.

I’ve finally made it to those tranquil seas, and it’s a happier,”I’m glad that’s over” and ready to move on kind of place.

People vastly underestimate the value of being happy. But being happy effects how we view ourselves, how we treat others, how we take on the day or hide from it. Happiness serves as a catalyst. Happiness is contagious. Happiness has curative properties. Happiness is everything.

Years ago in college, I started a “quote journal,” and filled it with quotes and sayings that I cut and pasted from magazines, papers, and the like.

Looking through it today, I was reminded of a great one.

“I Choose To Be Happy.”

Why choose anything else?


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