Chemical Free Natural Soap! Yeah Right.

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

Today, I learned that soap can be made without chemicals!

It’s really true. NO chemicals!

I was amazed. When I went to the web site of a leading goat milk soap seller, I saw it for my own eyes. Goat milk soap with the description, “All of our Goat Milk Soaps are handmade and chemical-free.”

I was absolutely stunned and speechless.

At first, I wanted to write to them asking about their amazing discovery of chemical free soap. It seems everyone wants chemical-free these days, and it would be a universe-defying feat to manufacture anything with no chemicals, let alone soap.

I wondered, “What’s in it, if  there aren’t any chemicals?” They couldn’t really expect people to believe it’s chemical-free, could they?

To be chemical-free, it certainly couldn’t be made the regular way, with water and lye like our soaps at The Natural Bar Soap Company. No, that would involve water (chemical name:  dihydrogen monoxide) and lye  (“sodium hydroxide”).

And it most certainly couldn’t be made with goat milk, as the description said, because goat milk is chock FULL of chemicals- things like phenylalanine and tryptophane.

So, I wonder what chemical-free soap is made of?

I guess my point here, is that this company is doing its customers a disservice by either

exploiting their customers’ ignorance of the fact that EVERYTHING is chemical, just to make a buck.


demonstrating their own ignorance concerning ingredients and terminology that, as soap crafters, they should have learned by this point.

I’m sure there are people out there who don’t care about this, and would wonder why I’d even take the time to write about it. I mean, it’s obvious that they couldn’t really mean chemical-free. But my objection is that they knowingly exploit the misunderstanding of  “chemicals” to sell their product.

My reasons for objecting are many. First, I am an honest person. I am happy to tell anyone about the ingredients I use in my soap. Each one is in there for a reason, and each one has a chemical name.  I spend a lot of time researching ingredients and regulations to be sure I am doing things safely, honestly, and legally.

Second, as a chemistry geek, I know that just because something has a chemical name, it’s not necessarily bad for us. In fact, many “chemicals” are essential to life (water and air, to name a few).  I am morally opposed to getting sales by  spreading misinformation or fostering fear. I choose instead to share my knowledge of soap and win over customers with honesty and great products.

So yes. The Natural Bar Soap Company does manufacture soap with chemicals. We’re proud to offer you quality products made with ingredients.

And yes. You read that right. To make soap without chemicals, would be the equivalent of making soap without ingredients.

We not only assure you that we use ingredients, but that we use wholesome, natural ingredients. Wholesome natural “chemicals,” if you will, to craft our lusciously lathering, bubbly bars of natural soap goodness.

P.S. Please don’t  fear chemicals, especially ones that are hard to pronounce. Personally, we’re quite proud of the fact that our soaps contain (E)-4-hydroxyphenethyl 4-formyl-3-(2-oxoethyl)hex-4-enoate, the chemical name for the wonderful, all-natural active ingredient in olive oil.


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