Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Natural Soap

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

This post was originally printed in 2010.


The EMHE Pep Rally yesterday evening was so much fun!  Not only was I treated to VIP seating, but I got to meet Design Producer Courtney Sanders, and hand her my Natural Bar Soap Company business card, along with the offer to donate bars of my handmade natural soap to help decorate the bathrooms of the new home.  It couldn’t hurt, right? I’ve spent most of the day blogging about the event, and the concert that followed.

I think everyone comes away from community gatherings like this with a renewed sense of purpose, if not much more. I know that I feel really empowered right now- the gist of the rally is to drive home the point that one person can make a difference. A good difference. And the effort doesn’t have to be monumental, or epic- just a willingness to be involved, and to share time or talent with someone else who needs it.

Together, small efforts from everyone can create big, life changing effects. What’s more, this sort of an inspiration-stirring rally is not unlike a wave gathering speed as it comes toward the shore. Each of us who attended the rally likely came away from it full of energy and optimism, and shared that with other people we encountered today. The resulting wave of excitement will continue gathering speed as we head into next week and Announcement day!

On August 22, Ty Pennington will surprise one very lucky family in need of a transformation, with his famous “Goooooood Morning” wake up call. They’ll be whisked away on a family vacation, while Schell Brothers and their team of 7000 volunteers perform their magic.  4 1/2 days later, the family will move into their brand new home.

I can’t wait to be there to capture inside stories for you, of the people and companies that make this all possible. Please bookmark my blog, so you can check the happenings daily. Any supportive comments are welcome and encouraged! You may even see your thoughts in a future blog! Check http://schellbrothers.com/extreme/blog/ for my Schell Brothers blog contributions.


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