Extreme Makeover Home Edition Sussex County DE Build, August 2011

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

This post was originally shared in August 2011.



That basically sums up my emotions today. I wasn’t expecting today to be anything out of the ordinary, but one phone call changed everything.

Just who called? My brother. Not unusual- he calls me pretty regularly to ask how business is going, give me suggestions for improving my website, and sometimes just to check in. But today was different. He called to tell me about a “special assignment.”

I’ve been writing real estate articles for him for a few years now, so it’s not unusual that he would call with a “special assignment.” But this time, it was a REALLY special assignment. The Schell Brothers, owners of the real estate brokerage he once sold under, also own a top-rate construction business, and have been selected by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to build a new home in Sussex County, Delaware for a deserving family.  My brother’s friend (who created my new website- 2012) works for Schell Brothers, and needed to round up a media team for Schell to cover all of the events around the build. Remembering that I blogged for my brother, and that I also blog about my natural soap business, he offered me a place on his team! As exciting as this is, I’m hoping I’ll have an opportunity to share some of my handmade soap with the production crew, the deserving family, and any one else who may need a bar.

Being selected as a “guest blogger” gives me VIP access to the site, the events, the everything!!!! To say I’m a bit excited is as understated as saying that driving the Bay Bridge doesn’t bother me a bit.

Stay tuned to my blog for updates. We’ll be attending the kick off Pep Rally this Tuesday evening (Aug 16) at Henlopen High School in Lewes, DE. It’s free- and it will include a concert by Teully Leung– a Glee star!- among other performers. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun!


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