HR2359 The Safe Cosmetics Act 2011

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

This post was originally shared in 2011


Oh my. It seems we’re in this again. Another bill has been presented in Congress attempting to help clean up the ingredients found in our cosmetics. Will this bill provide the reforms we need and support Indie Cosmetic Businesses that are dedicated to making safe products? Or, will this bill merely increase regulation without noticeable benefit to consumers?

While many of us are absolutely FOR safe cosmetics, and absolutely AGAINST toxic chemicals in the products we use on our bodies, we at The Natural Bar Soap Company feel it is very important to not take a stance on supporting or not supporting proposed legislation, until we read the full text of a bill. The parts of a proposed bill that will affect us the most, are often found in seemingly minute details.

In the case of HR2359, The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011, the full text is still not available. There are many many blog sites that purport to tell us what the bill is about, and the specifics of this proposed law. However, even though the bill was presented to the Congress on June 24th, the text has not been released by The Government Printing Office, as of June 28, 2011 for us to read.

Until we see the text, we will not take a position. We obviously need to change something, as current FDA laws that prohibit filth in our cosmetics are not being enforced, and many known-to-be-harmful chemicals are showing up in the body products we use daily. However, change for the sake of change, is not necessarily a good thing. It must be GOOD change.

This link to the Library of Congress, will allow you to read The Safe Cosmetics Act when it becomes available. At that time, we can all read the bill, and decide whether or not this bill is the good change we need.


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