In the Middle of an Extreme Makeover

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

This post originally was shared in 2011


This week, I’ve taken a hiatus from natural soap making to do something else that’s exceptionally fun, challenging and consuming. I was asked to blog for the Schell Brothers team and the latest Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build project. Schell Brothers is located in Lewes Beach, Delaware, and is about the best construction team I can imagine. They immediately welcomed me, and have treated me like one of the family since day one. Thank you, everyone- but especially Jeremy, Ivana, Debbie, Stephanie, Abby, Christina, Rebecca- the entire marketing team. We’ve been spending the last 4 days sharing a camper/trailer, doing the behind-the-scenes marketing work of this build, which includes photography, taking videos, posting them to, flickr, and facebook, giving credit to sponsors, being sure their banners are proudly displayed, taking care of the VIP tent, etc. etc. etc. It is SO MUCH FUN. It will be sad when it’s over.

Check out the following links for more fun information about the project!

The Natural Bar Soap Company on Facebook (Extreme Stuff, too!)

Schell Brothers Blog/Extreme


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