Spirulina and Natural Soap

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist


In my ongoing adventurous quest to use interesting, unique natural ingredients to make great soap, I often frequent the local health food store. This place is a treasure trove of all natural soap making stuff. On one of my last visits, I discovered Spirulina. Spiruwhat??

Spirulina is the common name for a particular blue-green algae that occurs naturally in tropical and subtropical areas. In its dry form, it is a very dark, fine green powder, although you will sometimes see it in tablet form.  It was used by the Aztec Empire as a food source, and is currently used worldwide as a food supplement. It is abundant in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and is also especially high in protein (it’s actually a complete protein) and essential fatty acids. That’s quite a powerhouse of all-natural goodness!

What’s good for the body is generally good for the skin! I’m a firm believer that your skin needs to be treated to good stuff, just like your body does. And, I was looking for a soap additive that would produce a lasting green color. So, why not?

The results are amazing! Green colors that last are a rarity in the world of natural soap.  It’s been 4 weeks, and the color is about the same as it was after insulation.  The batter was a bit more intense of a green color, but so far (knock on wood), my bars are still a nice, medium green. You have to guess at how much to use- I could probably go lighter and have more of a cucumber-green color.


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