Top Ten Reasons to buy Handcrafted Soap

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

10. You will be supporting entrepreneurial artisans and their small

9. It smells amazing.

8. It’s got pretty colors and bits of stuff in it!

7. It really cleans, with gentle all-natural ingredients.

6. Two Words: No Synthetics.
Ok. Two more: No Detergents.

5. With child-like anticipation, you’ll await its delivery in the mail, which
will prove to be much more satisfying than buying mass-produced soap at
Walmart. (No disrespect meant to them- I mean, they’re great for camouflage
hunting gear and WonderBread but handcrafted luxury soap???)

4. Guests will use it in your powder room, wish it was theirs and
overwhelm you with compliments about your good taste.

3. It’s an Affordable Luxury.

2. It nourishes your skin, and makes it feel special.

1. It nourishes your mind, and makes you feel special


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