Top Ten Ways to Keep a Customer

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September 3, 2013 by thesoapalchemist

Top Ten Ways to Keep a Customer

If the current economy has gotten you and your business down, consider these 10 ways to keep the customers you’ve worked so hard to get!

10. Don’t lie to your customers just to keep them around. Sooner or later, they’ll become wise to your schemes, and you’ll lose their trust.

9. If you don’t know the answer to a question they ask, tell them you will try to find the answer, and call them back. Never finish a conversation with “I’m sorry I just don’t know.” Chances are, someone will know the answer, and your customer will become theirs.

8. If you don’t have the product your customer wants, get it. There are a limited number of customers buying right now- give them the products they came to you to buy.

7. Follow Through on commitments- phone calls, delivery/shipment dates, etc. Customers are counting on you to do what you promised. Don’t let them down.

6. Staff your phones with courteous, interested people. They are responsible for creating your company’s first impressions.

5. Know your products. Be sure your sales people know their products. Do not simply be a middleman. Arm yourself with knowledge about what you sell, what makes it good, what makes it different, and be able to communicate these things to your customers.

4. If you are selling “100% Certified….,” be sure that certification documents can be produced if requested by your customers. Transparency builds trust.

3.  Do not make your customers do your work. Low price guarantees sound good, but are they really? Your customer will have to do the legwork, discover lower prices, and if you’re really lucky, come back to you to purchase. In most cases, the customer will just buy from your competitor. You could have had the sale, if you were willing to survey your competition, and set your prices accordingly.

2. Show interest in your customer. They want to feel that they’ve made a great decision in choosing your product. Reinforce that feeling. Check back to see how they’re doing with it. Consider offering a discount on a future purchase in exchange for an honest rating of their new product.

1. Don’t make your customer work harder to stay your customer than you do to keep them. If you want their business, go after it. Do not make them guess when you’ll be open, when the item will be in stock, when it will be on sale, who has it for less, which store has the better product, etc. Honest communication, that shows your expertise and interest will go a long way in developing a relationship with your customer. Customers who feel connected will come back to you. Customers who are treated indifferently will go elsewhere


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